Winter Dreams - Cropped Hoodies For Women

Winter Reflections - Men's Hoodies

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Capricorn - Glittered Orange Fleece Cropped Hoodie for Women

Half woman half amazing, show the world with my Orange Glittered Fleece Cropped Sweater or choose another Glitter color from twelve other glitter selections.

Leo - Glitter Gold Fleece Cropped Sweater

Come express your Lioness to the world with my Gold Glittered Fleece Cropped Sweater or choose another Glitter color from twelve other glitter selections.

Scorpio - Reflective Fleece Hoodie for Men

Come reflect your inner Scorpio with my Reflective Hoodie for Men

If I could just have a few moments of your time....

As owner of "MyZodiac Clothing" I want to personally and humbly thank you for visiting my website, thank you for giving my brand a chance to impress you and those around you with my clothing pieces.

Your contributions and support enable me to inspire and create the wonderful one of a kind clothing pieces you see here. When dealing with my brand you deal with me directly, as I do not work through third party companies to provide you and those like you with the styles and fashion you see on my website. I and I alone create my clothing pieces by hand using my own equipment, to creating original designs, and supplies for the presentation of the packaging.

All I ask is for your support and belief in my small black own business. I aspire to have my brand become just as big if not bigger then the clothing giants we all know and love.

I thank you all for taking the chance to read this and even if you don't support me directly I at least want you to know that my brand is here and I exist, I just hope and pray that you all will join me in this journey.

Thank you

Jeremiah Carrion - Owner


So comfortable and worth the price

This is one of the most comfortable materials I’ve received from a brand in a long time 💚🌻 I got a lot of compliments and it’s a great way to rep for your sign! I highly recommend it !

Kayla @crownedneptune

Poppin AF!

The material is what impressed me the most. Besides breathable, it’s very light weight. When washed as well, it keeps its shape. Great brand, looking forward to buying more items for family and friends!

Neyeah @cocogobang

Great product!!!!

Very comfortable shirt, definitely my type of style!!!! Sagittarius wins

Yesseni @sinmarii