"Blame it on MyLeo" Graphic Design T-Shirt

"Blame it on MyScorpio" T-Shirt

"Aries AF" Crop Top T-Shirt

"Blame it on MyLeo" T-Shirt

"Libra AF" T-Shirt

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Don't have the funds? No worries

Introducing the "AfterPay" as a method of payment, never worry about the full amoun again. Easil split the clothing item into 4 equal payments, and whats better is that there is no INTEREST!!!!!! So take advantage and come get your very own Zodiac apparal, one for you, a friend, a spouse, a family membe, I got them all. The Afterpay method is available when choosing a payment method during your checkout process.

If I could just have a few moments of your time....

I'll make this short and direct to the point, first of all as owner of "MyZodiac Clothing" I want to personally thank you for giving my brand a chance to impress you and those around you with my clothing. Secondly I want to reinstate that the image you see on the left is my business itself, I am a small black business owner.

Your contributions enable me to inspire, create the wonderful one of a kind clothing pieces you see here. When dealing with my brand you deal with me directly, as I do not work through third party companies to provide you the "drip" you see on my website. I and I alone create my clothing pieces from equipment, to original graphic designs, presentation of the packaging.

What I am trying to say is, please support my small black own business I inspire to have my brand become just as big if not bigger then the clothing giants we all know and love.

I thank you all for taking the chance to read this and even if you don't support me directly I at least want you to know that my brand is here to stay for the long term, I just hope and pray that you all will join me in this journey.

Thank you

Jeremiah Carrion - Owner