About Us

Dear incredible people who are curious about MyZodiac Clothing,   

     My name is Jeremiah Carrion, I am the proud owner of the MyZodiac Clothing line. I started MyZodiac Clothing due to the fact that I no longer wanted to feel expendable at my job, I wanted to take control of my life, I hated the idea of working for a company that could fire me and replace me in the same breath. Living check to check was and is no way to live, so I decided to be my own boss, my own man, and started something worthwhile not only to myself but to build something, to pass my legacy to my family. So instead of staying home especially during this COVID-19 pandemic and going crazy I decided to take a chance and invest what money I had left along with the endless amount of time I have. 

     I embark on this journey not just for myself but with all of you as well, I thank each and every one of you for even taking the chance and reading this far. I hope you all like what you see, each piece is created specifically for each and every zodiac, designed for both men and women to feel unique while wearing their zodiac sign. I promise, more exciting designs are still to come this is just the first wave of something incredible so please look around you might actually find something to your liking. If anyone ever asks why you bought your zodiac T-Shirt,  you can  simply tell them just "Blame it on MyZodiac - Jeremiah" (yea, I quoted myself, so what lol).

 Sincerely, a humble man trying to create something everlasting.

Jeremiah Carrion (Owner)