Customizable Apparel Orders

I only will only customize with the designs I already have, for example; If you're a Virgo (Blue) and you want the font style or color type from another Zodiac on my website like Pisces (Moss Blue) that's completely fine. All other request outside of what designs I currently have will be rejected. Ex: Superman, Rainbows, Names.

Another example would be If you are a Virgo (Blue) and want a different color from my "Blame it on MyZodiac" collection lets say Scorpio (Red) that is fine, this example can be applied to any of my clothing collections "MyZodiac AF", "Blame it on MyZodiac", "Night of The Living Zodiac" (Seasonal).

All custom orders will have the base price + $10, the $10 is the custom fee (Ex:Tshirt: $34.95 + $10 = $44.95)

I will make sure you recieve the best clothing piece representing your Zodiac.

Please enter your name, email and a detail message of what exactly you want customized.

Submit your request here and I will get back to you within 24 hour.


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